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SushiSwap Farms (Menu)

The SushiSwap Farms (Menu) are located here:
The Farm allows users to yield farm Sushi rewards with each new block based on staking SLP tokens they received from
The farm previously supported UNI-V2 LP tokens from Uniswap but it now only works with tokens from SushiSwap pools.
Users enter into the farms of their choice. When farming users will receive a new distribution of Sushi with every block. In the first two weeks of launch the rewards were 1000 Sushi per block, divided by the proportional share of the pool. The exception to this was the "Sushi Party!" pool which had an additional 2x bonus. After the first two weeks the reward is set to drop to 100 Sushi per block. The APY calculation is based on the return in ETH to the daily USD value, based on current block return annualized. It is not a fixed return, it is not a promised return, it is not financial advice. It is based on ETH returns.

If I am deposited into the "Farm" it says I don't have liquidity on

Correct. The page only scans your wallet for SLP tokens.
If you have deposited your SLP tokens into a farm (which is a separate contract) then the exchange will not see them. However, you ARE still providing liquidity and will still get you 0.25 LP trade fee reward when withdrawing.